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New Years Detox Plans
New Years Detox Plans

A Clean 2014: 5 Ways to Detox Your Body

After holidays, after so many big lunches and dinners we have with our families and friends, it is natural that most of us feel like a balloon. However, there are some very easy, yet natural ways to clean our intestine, kidneys and liver from harmful toxins. The following 5 natural cleanses are definitely a good start, especially if you are planning to go under some kind of diet as well.

The Lemon Detox Diet

The most effective way to flush your insides is with the help of lemon since it contains omega 3 acids and vitamin C.

Under its original term “Master Cleanse” is hidden a mixture of maple syrup, water, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. This recipe was discovered five decades ago, and if you drink five glasses per day of this mixture, you will most certainly burn excess fat toxins from fat stores and therefore eliminate them from your body system.

The Salt Cleanse

Salt, from the other side, is good for detoxifying the lungs, improving asthma and preventing skin irritations.

It is necessary just to take one Epsom salt bath 3 times per week and this will soothe your body skin and invigorate your overall state of health while at the same time removing bacteria from your trachea.

Juice Cleanse

One way of getting age defending anti oxidants into your system is with the help of a green smoothie detox. Green smoothies, in fact, are a source of iron that strengthens bloods immunity.

For example, it is enough if you mix broccoli, kale and a bit of green cabbage with frozen pears and bananas. Such kind of smoothie will fill you with nutrients and vitamins and at the same time you will lose weight during this process, if you stick regularly with this regime.

Also, make sure not to peel the fruits as peels in general contain a lot of minerals and fiber.

Lymphatic Cleanse

Lymphatic cleanse is very often carried out at spa’s. The process is quite simple – a strong jet of water is aimed towards the lymphatic gland in order to push and flush the gland where most of the toxins are located inside our bodies, and this way they get pressured out of our system.

However, you can perform this process at home as well. Nevertheless, no matter what type of detox you opt for, it will anyway act on the improvement of the lymphatic system as well.

Sweat Cleanse

Sweat can be the best way of detoxing our body from harmful toxins. Aerobic workout, pilates, swimming or running are some of the best ways to flush out the pores.

Also, a wet or dry sauna can work out quite good as well, but workouts bring the feeling of healthier rewards, don’t you think so?

Bonus Tip

After a detox it is necessary that we stabilize our diet so that we continue maintaining a healthy weight. For women that are on a diet, high protein foods and complex carbohydrate foods are definitely recommended.

It is considered, that among the best ways to maintain a diet after a detox could be the Apibal freeze-cracked bee pollen. This product is a perfect alternative to chemically produced supplements and is also very cheap. You can easily find it in any health food store.

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